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Our Plan

Over the coming weeks and months, we will enrich the RARE experience. Not just in the incredible array of emerging makers we bring to your shopping basket, or delicious RARE flavours we bring to your plate.

We’ll bring you boutique and bespoke RARE travel consultants and companies, who can seamlessly take you on incredible adventures to the most newly discovered and magical destinations, well away from the madding crowds.

We’ll show you how much we believe in living-well, taking care of your mind and body with the most dedicated of emerging practitioners. From acupuncture to yoga to hormone therapy to meditation, gut health and much, much more.

We’ll open the doors to more physical embodiments of the RARE Life. Clubhouses where you can eat, drink, work, relax, sleep, shop, indulge in treatments and be the first to experience the best burgeoning brands, whilst effortlessly giving back to UK Harvest and your local community.

We’ll deliver a unique curation of the most magical, under-the-radar, boutique rentals for unforgettable nights away. Pure pleasure.

We’ll connect our emerging brands to curate creative collaboration; a match-making service for brands!

Finally, we’ll bring the RARE App to your fingertips, unlocking everything that RARE is for you, including a bespoke concierge service. Whatever you need, whenever you need it. From spectacular nights away, to perfectly chosen gifts, to show-stopping dining experiences, we’ll bring RARE joy and ease to every want.

Our Team